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Tarot cards are a tool to help tap into the wisdom of the universal energy that guides our life.

Tarot Card reader can help you to tap into your energy, hidden thoughts, feelings, and truths and bring them to the surface so you can use that information to make decisions about life, love, emotions, health, career, and more.

Tarot Card reading helps you in getting answers to everything from Relationships to Career, Finances etc.

This is an ancient divinity, based on the Law of Probability.

If you have landed here, the card has your answer.

With this Tarot Session you gift yourself or a loved one: Empowerment through Awareness.

Allow yourself to make informed decisions and peak into what lies ahead of you.

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Meet Your Creator, Awareness is Empowerment

Awareness is Empowerment!

Nehaa Goyal is an Empowerment Coach, DNA Astrologer, Tarot Reader and Numerologist

She guide you to Your Limitless Opportunities, show you the path to Break Negative Karmic patterns using Ancient tools and Divinities of

DNA Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and Empowerment Coaching

Life is a Dance between the 'Comfort Zone' and the 'Big Wide World' filled with opportunities. Both are equally important. 

With her years of experience, through readings and coaching, she has been able to successfully support clients through this dance helping them live a fulfilled life

She has worked 15 + years in the Corporate World, at the peak of which she made the decision towards doing the work she does today. Thus the readings and coaching she offers are realistic and applicable to handle day to day real life pressures, situations and feelings

Working with her is a literal Upgrade for your Soul

Together she will support you in getting to the core of your concern and heal it

Uproot that which has served its purpose and Tend that which gives you wings. All in a Safe Space

Be it Health, Finances, Relationships and the most important person of your Life - YOU 

Consultations offered:

🔸DNA Astrology Reading - Karmic reading to figure Blockages in Life with remedies

🔸Tarot Reading - Tarot Card Questions Based 1:1 online reading

🔸Numerology- Number Blueprint Expert reading with remedies

Healing and Coaching sessions Offered

🔸Inner Child Healing 1:1

🔸Womb Healing 1:1

🔸Empowerment Coaching 1:1 (Coaching Using Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life Coaching, Ancient Tools , Pattern awareness therapy etc)

Prerecorded Masterclasses

🔸Manifest Your Desire Now

🔸Masculine Feminine Integration

🔸Emotional Alignment- Toxic Positivity is not the answer


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Cancellation Policy
"Thank you for choosing our services. It's important to let you know that once a booking is confirmed, our policy doesn't allow for refunds. Please make sure you're comfortable with your choice before proceeding."
Can I ask Predictive Questions with Tarot?

Ys! you can, as long as they are about you.

It is not ethical to do a Tarot Reading for someone else's energy

For eg. When will XYZ call me? will not be answered

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